I’m Baa-aack With Lots of Montana Memories

It was a long drive to our destination in Montana – but oh so worth it.  This was the week that we were supposed to be exploring Zion and Bryce and other beautiful areas of Utah culminating in my 1/2 marathon race on Saturday.  This is my first Did Not Start.  Ugh  I guess you other runners out there understand.

So we planned something different.  A get away to a tiny town west of Helena, Montana.  A tiny cabin for 3 days that we found through AirBnB.  It would be a 7 hour drive for the 5 of us (2 humans, 3 dogs).  So we left nice and early stocking up food and water for the horses and cats.

On the way we stopped in this very cute town.  I loved the name.



and saw little towns like  these


We took the side roads and found the perfect places for travelers to stop; whether by car or bike.



Whenever she got a chance, Luna practiced for her learner’s permit.  She did get the ‘attentive’ part down pat.



Unfortunately we were going to miss the Barn Dance and The Huckleberries.



When we arrived, we were greeted by the owner and shown to our cute little cabin and grounds.  I totally recommend it.  Its called “Rock Ridge Lodge“.


IMG_0009 IMG_0011


This was waiting for us on the counter:

IMG_0010 IMG_0014


Although we brought bear spray, this is the closest we got to a bear.  Somehow the red ruffle just doesn’t say Be Scared.



We were pleasantly surprised with  a nice sunset as we sat out on the deck.


Tomorrow, I will exhaust   treat you to more of Montana – the lakes, the mountains, and I’m walking!!!!  YAY!


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