I’m Running in Switzerland and Other Headlines

I knew I couldn’t fool you twice.  I ran 4 miles in my virtual running world (but the 4 miles are very real).  This time  I picked Grindelwald,  Switzerland.  I did enjoy it quite a bit more than the Bali run – much prettier.



Big night last night.  The Doodle duo slept through the night.  Why?  Because I slept through the night.  Usually if one of us wakes up, we let the puppies out.  They pee every 8-1/2 minutes during the day (but not the same 8-1/2 minutes) so we thought we needed to,  but now I know they will be fine in their cage all night long.


Jake really doesn’t have marble eyes, I just couldn’t get it fixed on my camera.


Shocking headlines I saw today:

Meb is retiring in two years.

One of the greatest runners and all-around good man.  Yep, at 42.  But that doesn’t mean he’ll quit running!  He’s just tired of the high pressure competitive running.  He said he may become a pacer.  Can you imagine running beside Meb as your pacer?  Wonder if he could pace a two hour half marathon with me.



David Letterman jogging:

Ok by now you all have seen the pic of David jogging – bald and heavily bearded.  Lets face it, we all would have run right past him – maybe even leaving a wide distance because he looks somewhat, well, crazy!


But look at this picture.  It was taken last year in the same location – St. Barts.  Notice anything?


Yes.  The man is running in his socks.  Ok we’ve heard of shoes/no socks and we’ve heard of those barefoot runners.  But socks?  I’m very worried about you David.


Local Hound Dog Runs Half Marathon, Finishes in 7th Place.


Ludivine is a two-and-a-half-year-old bloodhound. The free-roaming hound  snuck out of her backyard and completed the town’s  half-marathon in an impressive time of 1:32:56, good enough for seventh place!

Her owner didn’t even realize Ludivine had left the yard until friends who were volunteering at the race texted her photos of her dog at the finish line. ” I can’t believe she ran the whole half marathon because she’s actually really lazy!”

Let’s review this.   A lazy (untrained) dog completed a half-marathon in 1:32:56.

Shamar Moore Leaves Criminal Minds

Whaaaat?  Criminal Minds without Derek?  I will only be able to watch re-runs from now on.



Remember I mentioned we got almost 5″ of snow Tuesday night?   Its snowing again tonight.   Even Durango wonders why we are being punished.



Off and running,



Have any of you used the RunSocial app yet?  If so, what locations have you tried?  Do you like it?

What tricks do you use to make the miles fly by?

Any special recipes you have for Easter?





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