I’m trusting the Groundhog

I slept in a little today – well 8 am which is late for me..Felt great.  What a beautiful day – 59º!    We took a brisk mile walk to enjoy it.


This was taken exactly 2 years ago:


My farrier, Adam, came today to trim hooves.  We were actually talking about putting shoes on the horses at his next visit.  Woohoo riding weather is within sight!  After spending some time outside with the horses and dogs, I did an Insanity workout.  I also read some more from ‘Older, Faster, Stronger’.  There are two things I’d like to share from this book so far.

  1.  She stated that the challenge of a marathon is easy compared to the challenge of starting to run.  Her suggestion for those of you who want to get out and possibly start running was this:  “That first mile is hard.  Try walking as far as you can; when you can complete a mile, try walking it briskly.  When that becomes easy, jog for a few yards to the next lightpost, then for a block. Take a break and walk awhile.  Enjoy yourself.  Then jog again, very gradually building up to a mile.
  2. .The other thing I read was very interesting.  As much as 50% of age-related decline (and maybe as much as 70%) is due to losing physical fitness by doing nothing or very little rather than aging!!

Its never too late to start moving.


Now for those of you that are already out there, I found this chart of injuries.  Its not everything but what I find most helpful is to see what the causes are.  I always want to know what is happening.



Why do I keep taking pictures of Jack and Murray?  Because look at this!  I have to share!


Now if I ever post this…….please begin an intervention.


NOW, get off that computer and move!!


Do you have multiple pets?

Is the weather crazy in your area?



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