International Happiness Day and Running in Bali

Did you know the U.N, of all people, declared today International Happiness Day?  Its like when the UN says it – you better be happy!  Right Now!

I actually did feel pretty happy today so in celebration I ran 4.3 miles in Bali today.  The weather was beautiful.


Of course I wasn’t IN Bali.  That would be insane.  But this was the view on my RunSocial download.  On the left hand side it lists other people who are running at the same time.  All three are ahead of me by the number of yards listed.

After my run, I made my first omelet in our new omelet/fritatta pan.  Aren’t they the same thing??????  Anyway I was very proud and had it with a side of salsa, thank you.



I’m sure you have been unable to sleep without knowing how Jake and Luna are doing so here is an updated picture of the two doodle bugs:

This is Jake:



and this is Luna:


It was a beautiful day so we loaded up all the dogs and headed out for a ride.  We went northwest, over the Big Horn Mountains towards a town called Greybull, Wyoming.  The dogs have become great little car-riders and sleep the whole time.  Jake found a nice pillow on Gus’s butt.



The scenery was spectacular:


and many times when driving through Wyoming you will see these random rock formations:


We tried to let the pups out as much as possible.  I am starting to put Jake on a leash because there is a huge language barrier.  Every time  I say “come!”, he translates that to “Run Jake Run!”


We arrived in Greybull just in time for lunch and found our favorite restaurant closed.


So we ate at the local cafe and decided afterwards the meal really  wasn’t worth the calories. Check that place off our list.

A little bit of trivia for you.  Wilford Brimley (Cocoon, The  Firm, The Natural, just to name a few) who is now is famous for the Quaker Oats and the diabetes commercials, lives in Greybull.  He once had a 300+- acre ranch but now lives ‘downtown’ Greybull.

On the way home, we stopped at Dirty Annie’s.  Its always been a mixture between a cafe, a souvenir shop, and a place where you could buy assorted things you really don’t need.  Now – a for sale  sign.  But that’s not the sign that made us stop.  It was the 70% off everything sign.



We came out with a magnet that said Dirty Annie’s ($1.20) because it could be worth a lot once Dirty Annie’s is closed.  And a very cool Buffalo leather vest.  I think I’ll look mighty fine wearing this up in the saddle.



So from Bali, Greybull, and Big Horn – Happy Trails to you.






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