Is my Heart in San Francisco and other Random Thoughts

It’s Wednesday morning!  Where has the time flown?  Speaking of flying…..I am sitting at the Billings Montana airport waiting for a flight to …..wait for it….. San Francisco!!  I am so excited because I have never been there and also because for once Patient Husband is coming along!



p.s.  That is not PH in the cowboy hat.


Monday and Tuesday were so busy.  The dogs went in for their vet check up.   But first, they decided to chase Murray into the draw which contains tons of burrs and branches and stickers which stick to their velcro coat.  This was just on Luna:


They got rabies shots, Bordatello, microchip  and just overall admiration of my doodles.  (my dogs, that is.)  They were real troopers and Luna didn’t pee – even once.  That’s truly a miracle for her.  I gave each of them a badly-needed shower.  I considered the bathtub but that kills my back, so I joined them in the shower!

The rest of the time was spent cleaning and packing.   I also tried every shoe I have on with the orthotics.  Very few are comfortable but that narrowed down my selection.  Its weird not to have 1/2 my suitcase filled with running gear although I did sneak one running outfit and shoes.  Why??  I can barely walk.  Because I just have to.

Our flight was leaving at 7 a.m. so we had to leave the house at 3 am for the 2 hour drive.  I can’t tell you much about the ride – I was snoozing.   PH’s insisted we eat breakfast before we went to the airport and had already scoped out a restaurant that opened at 5:30.  Believe it or not, there was a line at the door waiting for them to open!  I highly recommend Stella’s, the food was delicious.  Patient Husband scores again.


We flew from Billings to Seattle on one of those ‘prop’ planes.  Not my favorite.  The tray tables are tiny.  My laptop covered mine completely so I had to lease space from PH’s tray.



He said I had to pay rent with my cookies.  Not fair at all.  Then to top it off – our flight attendant (oops I almost called her a stewardess) only filled my cup 1/2 full!


Maybe it was because she saw the coffee stains on my shirt.



We are planning all the typical touristy things – Fisherman’s Wharf,  Alcatraz, and a ball game.  If you have any recommendations for a must-see or a must-eat-at, please let me know!

I started trying to send this in Billings, then Seattle, and now we have landed and got into our little AirBnb in Half Moon Bay and the internet is finally working!


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  1. Best China Town I have ever been to! Check it out – lots of great Chinese food too, and its pretty cheap. Also I’m 97% sure it was actually chicken.

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