Is This the End of Summer or Just the Beginning of the End of Summer?

The last week of August.  The last week of summer.  What happened?    My conversation today went something like:  This coming weekend is Labor Day Weekend?  What?  So summer is over?


I consoled myself by cleaning.  Sounds weird, I know, but if I even get a slight urge to clean, I must jump on it.  So I turned on my audio book and went for it.

I finally got to see a cattle drive.  I’ve been at work or out of town for the others.  This  was a fairly small one, but I am surprised that they are bringing the cattle down from the mountain so early in the year.  Do they know something that I don’t?

Lets not dwell on that.  Lets just enjoy the fun of a cattle drive.  Banjo and Durango love to watch them too.

There are a lot of laws in Wyoming that don’t make sense to me, but I do believe that there oughta be a law stating:   When cowboys are in the saddle and partaking in an activity involving cattle, they must wear cowboy hats.   Don’t you agree?

Back to my cleaning….    I started seeing blood spots on my floor.  Everywhere.  Have I been watching too  many crime shows?   No just a dog who somehow cut his foot and walked EVERYwhere.    So some ointment, bandage, tape, and a big sock later……


While Patient Husband was out of town,  he was able to pick up an order of pottery glazes for me.  This will be my very first time glazing pottery in my own studio.  Very, very scary.

But hopefully some of my first projects will look cool.  Can’t wait to start.

And now to finish up, I beg my daughter’s forgiveness, but I have to  show you her latest text to me.   ALL Mom’s out there will totally understand this.


And on that note…….

One step at a time (no matter what you are going through),



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