It was a No Sun Sunday

Sideways rain.  Its not conducive to running.  At least that’s what I told myself this morning.  Now that I’m up and looking out the window, the rain is still sideways and …thick.  Well with the wind chill temps at 18º, it needs to be thick.

Some things come to mind:

How do I know when I should hide in the bathtub?
Do the barn animals (i.e. horses and cats) reeeealy need to eat every day?
Is it safe to be on a treadmill under these conditions?
Would eating continuously build up………….something good?
How does PH sleep snore   through this?

It seemed to only get worse outside, so I decided to take my chances on the treadmill.  The training schedule called for a 5K, so I ran 3.3 miles but faster than normal.

Meanwhile this is what it looked like outside my window.


By the afternoon all that ‘fat rain’ was snow and covered the ground.  Again.

The horses don’t come out of their corrals, the cats stay in the barn,  but the dogs LOVE it.
They come in covered in snow.

IMG_2627Sorry about the blur, she just started shaking.

They come in all hyped up.  It’s like a drug…  They start chasing each other around the dining room table 3 times, down the hall, into the bedroom, roll and rumble, back around the dining room table and repeat……oh about 1,000 times.

This is the look I get from Gus while this is going on.  “Can’t you do something?”  Apparently he can’t remember being a child.



I started on my blog a little earlier today because, well, what else is there to do?  Jack gets on my lap EVERY time I start typing.  He can’t get close enough.  Or he’s just checking to see if I have bad breath.



For dinner I decided to try something that’s been in our freezer.  I found it at Costco.  I love the veggie burgers we get there, so these should be good, too.  BONUS:  They said that each patty was 70 calories!  Whoa, I could have a stack like the one pictured!


Well apparently this is a zoomed-in picture with the ‘zucchini cakes’ on a saucer.

Each Cake was about 2″ across.  70 calories for that little thing????  Wouldn’t an Oreo cookie be less?



Now I’ve settled in for the evening.  Watching Lethal Weapon 3.  You have to admit Mel is pretty darn cute in this……


Best buds no matter what.

When I don’t get outside and do things, I feel like I’m dragging all day.  If I get in a nice run in the morning I may get tired, but its different.  This exhausted-for-no-reason is awful.

And then ?

I become the crazy doodle/crazy cat lady on my blog.

Hang on.  I’ll snap out of it as soon as spring stops messing with me and really arrives in Wyoming.

I hope you had a great weekend and that it helps you right into Monday.



Do you understand the two different types of tired?

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Did you get in any good runs/workouts?



3 thoughts on “It was a No Sun Sunday

  1. Gus’ look was hilarious. No running for me. But I cleaned out my entire house, the junk room, closets, organized. Mopped floors, etc. Feels good. DH was in Ohio so I kept busy. Spring is messing with everyone this year.

    1. Wow. I am very impressed. I know you must feel good. I love it when I occasionally (actually rarely) get those big bursts of energy and clean. And I’m kinda glad spring is crazy everywhere.

  2. Your pets are so cute! I think Gus’ look was very similar to the look my parents had when it started blizzarding in Colorado again. Time for warmer weather! Thanks for checking out my blog and I look forward to checking out your adventures!

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