It’s A New Week With New Challenges Ahead

It’s Sunday night and I’m packing my suitcase.   Can you believe this?  Sometimes I wonder myself if I’ll ever stay a full month at home.  Unfortunately its not for a vacation.  We are heading for Colorado.

I have a couple of medical issues that I hope will be taken care of.   First,  on Tuesday I will see a specialist at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado for my foot.  Because my foot hurts worse now than it did in June, I want to make sure I get a correct diagnosis.  I am very anxious to get this done.

Then on Wednesday I am having surgery on my left hand (I’m left handed) for a couple of issues.  You may remember if you’ve been reading my blogs that I had this done on my right hand back in January.  This is going to be a little or maybe a LOT more difficult.  How will I survive not using my left hand for a couple of months?  Here are a few things that I worry about doing with only my right hand:  (not in order of importance)



Writing and typing

Applying eyeliner, makeup and fixing my hairnomakeup
Inserting contacts into my eyesdressing

cleaning the house (haha – just wanted to see if you were reading – I am not concerned         about this at all)

So for a few weeks I see this happening:

I will lose weight.
24 hr. ponytail
I will learn to dictate or else do a video blog
Wearing my ugly glasses and therefore no one can see my eyeliner anyway
sweats and more sweats


Hey this could be a Plus after all!!

Actually I am hoping when this hand is all done, I will have super powers:


Knowing that I will be one-armed for a while, I got a few more wheelbarrow loads out of the corrals and then this looked very inviting:


So I did some reading and looked at the views:

IMG_0003 IMG_0002


Sorry, but that was one of my views, too.


I think the cats are trying to tell me they don’t want to be barn cats for the next 5 days.

IMG_0016 IMG_0010

I will do my best to keep the blogs coming because my ‘guest bloggers’ have failed to show up.

Even by having these surgeries I am moving forward…… step at a time.




4 thoughts on “It’s A New Week With New Challenges Ahead

  1. Just wanted to wish you all the best on your surgery on your left hand. Eyeliner and makeup are so over rated…just do you. 🙂

    Rest your hands and do a video blog including the dogs!!

    jade xo

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