It’s All About the Dog

Today was Jake’s one week post-op appointment.  He loves to ride with me in the car and thought it was especially cool that he was the only one going…….  So therefore he didn’t have a clue…..


He actually did very well.  All the bandages were changed and the Doc thought he looked great.  And no more meds – Yay!

On the way home, I stopped and got a bag full of chew toys, etc.  Then I decided that since these “puppies” are now like 60-65 pounds they deserved big-dog collars.  So Luna is going from a tiny red one to a bright pink.  (I hope PH doesn’t hate it ).


Jake looks super in his hunter orange one.



While at the store I picked up a couple of movies, one for tonight and one for tomorrow.  Tonight’s showing is “Me Before You”.  I just finished the book a week or so ago so I was curious about the movie version.   I am part way through it now and I can tell you the book is so much better……




For dinner I decided on testing my cooking skills creativity.  This was called a Crustless Spinach Quiche.   Not bad, eh?


It was actually pretty good, but I would have had to eat the whole thing to get full (the night is still young……)

I keep checking the weather.  I have family and many friends in the southeast.  I hope they are all in a safe place for the weekend.

So I hope you have a great Friday – this week has flown by!

One step at a time,



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