It’s Melting, It’s Melting!

It actually got warm enough to melt some snow today!   I know this also means mud, but it’s still exciting to see  a path to the barn,


and the patio!


Banjo seemed to really enjoy the warmth.  With Durango watching over.


oops he  must have heard me….


Saturday consisted of a lot of coffee.  So I thought I better find some good reasons to be drinking so much:


I had some requests for yesterday’s recipes.  So here they are:
I do suggest doubling both of the recipes.


Lemon Coconut Energy Balls 

(Thanks to




Then the link for the recipe for the Whole30 Chicken Chowder.


I made another batch of the chowder today so PH will have some while I am gone to Oregon.

The rest of Saturday was pretty quiet.  I am slowly packing my suitcase although I’m really not sure what to take.  It will be raining every day according to the forecasters.


This is me  the last time I was caught in the rain:


Oh ok, you are right – that’s not me.  This is more like it:


And that’s not easy in those heels!

And then there is my hair after a hard rain:


I guess I’ll pack the umbrella and boots after all.


And a final thought.  Ever wonder how smart dogs are?  Pretty darn smart.



Hope your weekend is going well and your Sunday is even better.

One step at a time,









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