Its Sad When My Blog Puts ME to Sleep.

Monday mornings are notoriously dreaded.  But when we both have the day off and we wake to bright blue skies, well that sure helps change things!

Armed with hammers and wire staples we walked the entire fence-line tightening and straightening what the winter winds tried to tear down.


It went pretty fast and the dogs loved all the running around.

Then we cleaned out the garage and….wait for it………. took the chains and plow off the pick-up truck!  Yes.  PH refused to take them off until after April 30th  Gus seems to be rollng his eyes…


Then some sweeping, and our chores outside were done for the day.

And then I woke up.  Huh?  It was close to midnight, laptop still on my lap, tv on, and who knows how long I have been asleep.  I couldn’t finish the blog now, I felt drugged.  Time for bed!



Up early this morning with a 5 mile run.  Beautiful day and I feel oddly rested.



100-Year-Old Runner Breaks World Record At Penn Relays


So what’s Keeling’s secret to longevity?

“Eat for nutrition, not for taste,” she said. “Do what you need to do, not what you want to do, and make sure you exercise at least once every day.

Thats pretty good advice for all of us, don’t you think?

Today was pamper me day.  Starting at the hair salon –  ooooh I love having my hair done.  Two hours of relaxation and lots of chatting.Heather just finished her first 1/2 marathon last month in Zion National Park.  She said she is enjoying NOT training but is sure she’ll try it again.

Then off to the store to purchase some little stuff for me.  Make-up, mascara, eyeliner etc.  I don’t know why but I still enjoy trying new products.  That could be why I use the same 3 or so items but my bathroom drawer is stuffed.

That could be an exaggeration.  Or not.

When I got home  I did do some work.  I got all the snow fence down (though my hair looked marvelous as I worked and sweated).


Its all done.  Its May 3rd and I feel safe taking down the snow fence.  Ugh.

Hope your week has started out well and I’ll be in the bathroom trying out all my new makeup for a while….



I feel pretty, oh so pretty……




No matter how pretty you feel, keep moving.


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