It’s Monday, Hurry Up and Wait.

Hurry up and wait. That sums up today’s happenings. We got up super early, and made the attempt to leave Chez Moorehead in the same spotless condition we found it. Then headed south back to San Fran. It seemed like the trip was only 15 minutes long – at least before I knew it PH was waking me up and telling me we were about to go across the Golden Gate Bridge.

What? Huh? Wait a minute let me get the camera.  Have you ever crossed it?  No?  Well, come on; we’ll do it together.


And then we were over it.   Another checkmark in the bucket list.

Next stop – Fisherman’s Wharf for our cable car ride. We jumped in line and waited. Did I mention that SF is cold? Windy and cold and kinda damp. 20 minutes later the cable car arrived. Nope didn’t make it on that one but we did get on the next one. It was fun. Everyone was having a good time and going up and down the roads was like riding a slow roller coaster!  Bucket list – check.

If you look in the background of this picture, you can see Alcatraz.  You thought I was going to say you can see Russia, didn’t you?


When we reached the end, we had to get off and board the next one to return. The line was down the block. Not.kidding. Knowing how long between cars and the number of people that would fit on each car, we figured an hour and a half of waiting on the sidewalk. Not our idea of fun. Soooo we hailed a cab!   We had a very enjoyable discussion and ride back to Fisherman’s wharf. We learned a lot about taxis, Uber, and Lyft.

I also found out there is a lot of danger in San Francisco, so be prepared:


Oh – and another steep street.  I have to say the people walking up and down these streets are bent at odd angles….



Did I tell you that Morgan Freeman and I met for lunch?  He sure is tall!  I kept telling him to relax.



We had lunch at In-n-Out Burgers. I know…. We are supposed to be eating seafood; but we had never eaten one of their burgers and had heard so much about them.


IMG_1436PH said they were good; better than most other fast food burgers. But I got the feeling he expected more…   I try not to eat red meat so I didn’t have one but it looks darn good from here!  I found out later they have veggie burgers!  My loss.



We went to the airport, dropped off the car, shuttled over to the terminal and checked our luggage.   Even after a very long trip through security it was 2:30 when we got to our gate. Our boarding time was 5:30. Do you think we allowed plenty of time?!

Hey!  Where is everyone going?  There appears to be an airline personnel evacuation below us.



We won’t arrive home till about 2 a.m. but I do believe the pups will be happy to see us!

What I also believe is this should be everyone’s motto:





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