It’s The Weekend!!

Hurray you made it to the weekend!  I hope your week wasn’t really bad but take some moments this weekend to re-charge.

I’m trying something new.  I mean I’m recovering from surgery on both hands, 4 months of a foot injury – if not now, when?  (That was a saying my Dad said to me a couple of times in my life when I was trying to make important changes).  Anyhow,  I am looking at starting a new eating lifestyle.  My sister’s are probably moaning right now and saying “Now, what?”.


My entire life has consisted of the lose weight, gain it back, lose weight, gain it back.  Sound familiar to anyone out there? Each time saying “I will never gain it back”.


In between reading crazy running articles, I have also been doing a lot of reading about the interaction between different foods and how they affect your entire health.  I have a family history of heart disease and  I have hypothyroidism so I have to keep that in check as well as wanting energy and stopping the constant yo-yo dieting. (And be a princess in a big castle and have a genie in a bottle, and, and….)


So here is what I’ve come up with.  I am cutting out wheat/grains and sugar and following basically a paleo diet.  So meat, veggies and fruit – all things I love.  I will start out for 3 weeks to see if I feel the results I expect.    I will try not to dwell on the fact that my favorite foods are pizza and ice cream and come up with new favorites.






I would LOVE to hear from any of you who eat Paleo or a similar form of Paleo with suggestions and helpful ideas.  Anything!

I promise not to focus a whole blog again on my eating habits (you couldn’t take that much excitement!), but I will give updates on how I’m surviving, and hopefully thriving.

I’m thinking of this as taking steps to combine my exercise (yes, running and Insanity workout ARE in my future) with a good healthy way of eating.

Enough already!  How about some cuties:




We all have our dreams.

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Have a great weekend and find your dream.  One step at a time.



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