June Brings Beautiful Skies, Running, and Babies

We are halfway through the week, are you doing ok?  It’s going well here – as well as it can when you have to work every.single.day.    We’ve had some amazing sunsets.


We also saw the strangest ‘rainbow’ one evening.  Instead of being a ‘bow’ it was a vertical strip.


I love this time of year.  Babies everywhere.  Today I saw the tiniest fawn ever.  It was hard to get a picture because he was very wobbly and kept getting under Mom’s legs.


And speaking of babies……  My daughter,  Amanda, said her  Dr. informed her that the little guy is quite cramped in there and might be early!  It’s only been 3 weeks since I saw her and she looks very ready, don’t you think?

I told her she has to wait until the 1st of July so that I can get there.  Don’t you think that will be enough to convince her to hang on ?


This weekend there are two Ultra Marathons  (races that are longer than a marathon).  One is in Leadville, Colorado.  Leadville is highest city in the United States.  Here is a picture of the people “grooming” the trail.  The race is Saturday.


The other race is right here in my county.  The Big Horn Trail Run.   The 100 miler starts on Friday and the other distances are on Saturday.   And guess who you’ll see right there at the finish line.   Yours truly.    Yep.    Oh no,  not crossing the finish line –   just standing at the finish line.    My job has various names – a ‘hugger’, a ‘greeter’ or a ‘catcher’.  It all depends on the condition of the runner!

Keep your head up – the week is moving along fast.

One step at a time,






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