Just a couple of things while I haven’t been running

I worked all day today and luckily it went by pretty quick.  The most interesting conversation I had was with two men about sheep shearing.   I live in Wyoming, remember?


The last couple of days and the next few days have been near 90º, I am officially stopping my complaining about the never-ending winter.  Now its more like, “how can I run in this heat?”  “Is that humidity?”  and “Oh my gosh I’m sweating and I’m not even running!”

On the way home, I stopped to take some pictures along the way.  I think I take pictures of this every single year.



and just 1/4 mile further:


If I was an artist, I’d never have to leave this road.

In all honesty, I have used work and heat to give me an excuse not to run.  But this weekend I start up my training for my next race – 6 weeks away.  I must keep up the level I was at last week.  July 30th is my next race.  Its in Utah, the Timpanogos Half.  Its another canyon run and should be beautiful.

It’s the weekend, have you got big plans?  Keep moving and thenbe sure  you take time for yourself.



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