Just a few one liners

It was a great morning today because I finally got outside to run.  I wore my new shoes – Asics and they felt very comfy.  It was about 35º so I didn’t need to layer much.  Patient Husband was on his way home and when he met up with me, my GPS said 4.8 miles.  Of course I had to have him follow me another .2 miles because who stops at 4.8 miles?

How I felt:


How I looked:


What I dreamed of for 5 miles:


What I actually ate:


We should get something – an award, money, something when we eat right.  I know I’d lose weight faster if someone would just give me money for each pound, right?

My only trip out today was for the mail.  I got the book I ordered:  ‘Older, Faster, Stronger’.  I’m going to start it tonight.


I also got a call from the surgeon’s office (that did my hand surgery).  He said my 2-week xrays look great!  YAY!  So now I am settled in for the evening.


and so is Jack:


I hope you are all as comfy as we are!




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