Just a Few Thoughts of the Day

The big news around town is there is a new restaurant!  Yep, this is very big news when you live in a town with very limited dining options.    It’s a Japanese restaurant and we couldn’t wait to try it.  So we grabbed some friends and had a delicious meal and so much fun.

I was strong and didn’t have any of the rice but still had a great meal.


I also did a bunch of cooking at home.  The other day I made the Chicken Chowder, then I made a “Pot Pie Soup” and some Chili.  It is so comforting somehow to have bowls of good food all made and ready to heat up.  It also makes it easy for PH to take his food to work at night.


During these cold, wintry days, the dogs spend a lot of time just staring out the windows.




When they do go outside, they come back inside wet and covered in iceballs.  They like to cuddle get warm again.  They are sharing the smallest of the 3 beds for some reason.



There appeared to be a feline protest today.  No more computer work.


No more news.  How do I change this to Animal Planet?



This kind of sums it up:

And still I strive on.


So its the end of the week and I hope everyone’s winter weather, ice storms, tornadoes and other disasters give us all a break this weekend.

One step at a time,






Happy Birthday Mom.  Thinking of you today.

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