Just Another Maui Monday

I was very excited to go snorkeling.  First we went to a great restaurant for breakfast that was right on the ocean – The Seahouse.   I loved sitting outside under the umbrellas.

There were hundreds of birds – all watching for just a crumb.


There was a wedding at the beach.

Actually they all paddled out into the water on their boards – even Moms, Dads, and the pastor.

We saw so many  whales !!  While Marcia and I snorkelled, PH kept his eye on the whales.

The water was quite rough so the visibility wasn’t great, but once we became nose to nose with a huge sea turtle.  You would have been amazed how quickly we learned to swim backwards.

Because of the rough waters, I was knocked into the rocks and received a large, gaping gash to my leg.

I turned down the idea of being medi-vac’d out.

These were my views from my beach chair:



When we got back to our condo, guess who was making out on the balcony.


The men went downstairs and grilled our dinner.

And then we watched the sun set…..


This morning we were up and out the door for our walk/run.    I wonder what they found behind that piece of wood!

Can someone tell me what kind of tree this is?  Don’t you think it’s cool?


After enjoying my cup of coffee,

we went to the Farmer’s Market.   We could be healthy:

or not so healthy….


Instead, I decided to try something I have never had but heard was great…..an Acai bowl.  I brought home two kinds for everyone to try.  They are a berry smoothie topped with all sorts of fruit and/or granola.   YUM.

We headed to Paia today.  Its sort of the ‘hippie town’ of Maui.  Lots of famous people live in and around here.  Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson,  Steven Tyler, Owen Wilson to name a few.  They are known to sometimes hang out at some of the bars and restaurants.  We saw no one.   I think maybe we should have gone after dark…….

My sister had a sandwich with a Taro bun.  It is made from the Taro root.  I’ve never seen purple bread before….

We have an early wake-up call tomorrow.  A flight to Oahu for the day!

One step at a time.  Even if people do say this.




3 thoughts on “Just Another Maui Monday

  1. Beautiful pics! That TREE …I think it’s called a Monkey tree and I’ve seen it in Dr Seuss books! The purple bread looks awesome and the birds making out are hysterical!

  2. I sure hate that you are having to endure all this stuff. I know you are making the best of it and toughing it out! Meanwhile don’t think of those of us at work….it’ll just make you homesick! Try to have a good day today…and take care of that nasty gash on your leg!

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