Just call me Titanium girl

Hello friends!  Its only been 3 days but I feel like I dropped of the face of the earth!  First of all, let me clear something up.  My surgery had nothing to do with my run.  It was a planned surgery to fix some bad arthritis in my thumb.  So I am the proud owner of a titanium-enhanced thumb.


What exactly does one do when their thumb is so enhanced?

Lets go back a little.  I arrived at the Vail Valley Surgical  Center Wednesday morning.  What a wonderful place.  I knew I was in the best of hands with Dr. Viola and his staff from the Steadman clinic.  When I awoke several hours later I had a new experience of a nerve block to my arm.  It was like having a heavy sausage roll attached to my shoulder.  I couldnt control it or move even my fingertips  A very, very freaky feeling.

We stayed with my sister Sue.  I cant think of any nicer accommodations.  This is the town of Edwards.


This is an idea of the wonderful food in the kitchen…


And little my niece’s daughter, Piper, all snuggly inside while looking at a friendly elk.


The beauty of the area is everywhere.

IMG_1330 IMG_1331

Here I am waiting for my new custom made cast.  I will be in a cast for 6 weeks!


I am lucky to be left-handed (that is until I have my left  hand done).  Here are a few one- handed challenges I  hadn’t even thought about:

I’m sure the list will be added to.

  • putting my hair in a ponytail
  • putting contacts in
  • zipping or unzipping
  • pulling my running tights (my normal day-to-day clothes) up anywhere past my knees
  • holding my iphone and taking a picture
  • blowing my nose

Thank you to all of you for your good wishes and messages.

Feelin’ pretty ragged,



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