Just the Usual Shopping, Eating, and Trying to Run

I started out Monday  with this view out my door.

But soon the snow melted and everything is back to nice mud again.

I decided to keep on the spring cleaning mode I’ve been in.  (Who knows – it could be over any moment).

I have two large area rugs that are about four years old and have been through 3 puppies.    I finally decided that I needed help doing a ‘deep’ cleaning.  The guys arrived and hauled off the rugs to do their magic.

Gus wanted them to be sure to know this is his favorite rug.


Now he is getting used to the pad!

We went up to Billings to do our monthly shopping at Costco.    Gus takes being the designated driver very seriously.



Jake, on the other hand, is known to have road rage.





I have been dying to try out this restaurant that my blogger friend, Hungry Runner Girl, talks about.  Cafe Rio.

Well it was all she said and more.  Patient Husband said it was the best tacos he has ever had!


While shopping, I found this perfect hat


Then off to Costco.  After all the surgeries, etc  I have been through last year, I do take medical procedures pretty seriously.  Therefore, this scared me.  Advertising on their pick-up?  Yikes.


Ever since Jake got his shave, he has gotten super clingy.  Here he is showing me that he can be a lap dog.

If I get up, he watches me …..  He won’t let me out of his sight.



Someone was mesmerized by the candle flame.


This morning my plan was to run early and meet PH on his way home.  Just like the ol’ days.  But I woke to the familiar winds – you know like the roof is coming off.  So I got up and sure enough – somewhere between 18-20 mph.  So I hit the treadmill for 3 miles.  Not a good workout though.  Very slow and yet I walked twice.  Ugh  what happened to me?

But I shall persevere……
I hope your week is going well.


One step at a time,






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