Just Wondering and Wandering

I started my day yesterday with some hill running.  I got motivated by Coach Hal.  No, not Hal Higdon, Hal my neighbor.  Over our pizza and beer the night before, he gave me lots of good hints, helps, and motivation.  So back to my hill running.  I went out my door and hit the road that goes by my house and up to the Big Horn National Forest.  I had visions of me running laps – up and down and up and down the road .


I’m pretty sure this is exactly how steep it was.  I headed up first, then down about 1/2 mile.  Then as I headed back up – WHOA, I’m already tired!  I went as far as possible, turned and went down.  Each trip back up got shorter  until I was doing pirouettes in the center of the road and my gasping for air   breathing sounded like a diesel truck.  Where was this guy when I needed him?


I lived to run another day.  Hills?  In a couple of weeks.  I saw a hill I might tackle in my yard….

The day turned out to be pretty nice with blue skies, so we did some driving around.  One directions was to Tongue River Canyon.  We decided to scope it out for future hiking and horseback riding.


There were lots of rock formations.


After leaving there, we were driving just West of Sheridan.  Lots of mule deer right beside the road.



more views:


Now for some Aviary bird info.  Did you know that those huge turkeys we see all over sleep in the top of the trees at night?


I mean what keeps them upright ?   That question may just keep ME up at night.

OK – something to end the weekend with:




Tomorrow, Our new eating plan – or at least 28 days.





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