Let the fun begin!

I got up nice and early today to check out the hotel fitness center.  I ran a couple of miles and had it to my self most of the time.  But it was very warm in there (maybe to get me used to running in the 70s instead of the teens) and I realized how much I love my own treadmill.


Then down the hall to a very nice hotel breakfast bar.


We caught the shuttle to the airport and in Denver I sure love having that TSA pre-check!


A pretty uneventful flight EXCEPT the stewardess passed around a box of snacks and told us to pick whatever assortment we wanted!  Woohoo.   Then landed in Ft. Lauderdale where the pilot told us it was 73º.   Niiiiiice.

It looks like everyone’s house is just floating on the water.


What is it about palm trees that make you just inhale,  smile and immediately relax?



We made our way as far as Key Largo and stopped at the Fish House for some stuffed shrimp and lobster bisque.   Pure heaven.  Why does that plate look so huge?  Well maybe it was…..  🙂


Well we will be up early in the morning.  Meeting some long-lost friends for breakfast and then Key West – Here we come!!!

I always feel like I need to warn places that I am about to arrive…..



2 thoughts on “Let the fun begin!

  1. Enjoy the warmth and relaxation …. I’ll be thinking of you while I freeze and traipse through the snow. I’ve never seen a palm tree (in person) – lol. Seriously, enjoy it all while you have it!

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