Let the Games Begin!

This afternoon consisted of a variety of olympic games.  The first consisted of a never-ending relay race.


There was also some hide and seek but it was mostly the dogs hiding and me seeking.

Then as I was timing their laps around the house, I saw this off in the distance.


The games were moved indoors.

The first indoor game appeared to be a crazy game of twister with all three dogs on top of eachother.   All we were missing were the dots.



Then we were on to flag football



In musical chairs, Gus was the first one out.



Tug of war.


And just as fast the games were completed.


Mission accomplished.



My night finished up with my 40 minute cross-training  – Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance.  This workout had way too many pushups (but hopefully my chest and triceps will benefit), lots of jumping (good for the bones) and lots of sweat (good for…umm….what’s sweat good for?).


This is a WWII vet who decided to sit outside and watch a race.  This just makes you feel good.  I love watching it.



I hope you have a great Friday!




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