Let’s Do This!

I mentioned before I would like to start a group of us working together  in 2017 to get walking and possibly running.  Now don’t immediately skip to your next email.   I haven’t run – as a matter of fact I haven’t even walked any distances since June.  So with the help of a Physical Therapist I will start walking.  I will go slowly and safely because the last thing I want is to be injured again.
So if we have a plan together;  one that can be altered to each person’s circumstances, we can all do this.  If all you get out of this is some feel-good walking or actually find yourself running, we have had some fun.
Now here are some things that you are probably thinking of for excuses.

Fear of failure

There is no failure.  If you walk one time then great.  So,  go for it! If you’re doing your best, there is nothing to be afraid of.

No Time

This is probably the number one worry/excuse.   We will learn to put it on our calendar for the week.  Just adding it to your schedule is the best way.

I’m not the runner type

Seriously?  A person who runs IS the runner type.  Next time you see someone running in your neighborhood – or better yet pictures of a 10k or half-marathon.  Every age, every weight, every size.

Do I need an ‘Outfit’?

You do not need a matching outfit to go for a run. No, not even if you’re meeting other people. No one cares what you’re wearing and this is not a fashion show, it’s running. Now throw on some clothes and get out there!  The only thing I DO think  you need are a pair of good walking or running shoes.  That’s all you need to purchase.  Otherwise whatever is in your closet works.   EXCEPT, if this is in your closet.



Hopefully this is not something you have NOT thought of.  I have never seen someone out walking or running without thinking anything but ‘good for them!’


We will do this together.  Whether you walk to the mailbox a couple of times, walk around the block or just walk as long as you can during your lunch break – it all adds up.  Never fear distance, be proud of it!  Its more than you did before!   Let’s just see where your legs take you.



Are you anxious or stressed a lot?  Running is one of the best cures for anxiety. If you’re feeling extra anxious take a walk and free your mind. Let it be open to think about the stressor or not, to try and work through your anxiousness or just let it be. You may be surprised what can happen when the mind is free to wander!

Music or Podcast

Everyone is different here.  Do you just want to listen to what’s out there?  Or  what’s in your mind at the moment?  If I am walking, I tend to want to take in the world around me.  But I also found that listening to good upbeat music makes my pace increase and I also don’t like listening to my heavy breathing!   Longer distances, whether walking or running can zip by when listening to a good podcast or audiobook.  Try it all.  Whatever you like.



I am heading to my first PT appointment for my foot this Friday, so I’m sure it will be several weeks before I am going for walks, so this will give you time to make your  decision.  But this could be you —— Jus’ sayin’

One step at a time,



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