Lots of Pictures, very few words.

Ugh it was an early morning.  Alarm went off at 4:30.  I wanted to leave no later than 5:30 in order to get to my appointment in Vail.  The dogs didn’t even give me any trouble.  They just curled back up and went to sleep.  I had my books on CD and a full thermos of coffee.  So come along and see the trip from Wyoming to Vail, Co.


Still pretty dark when I left but as I got up on the highway, I could see the beginning of morning.



And then the sun made a  beautiful appearance.



Temperatures are supposed to be nice and warm when I get there.



Not much traffic as I head  south towards Cheyenne.



I have no idea why I took this.  My first sighting of the Rockies?   Or maybe I wanted you to see this very fine telephone pole.



Crossing into Colorado.  Apparently at a rapid speed – too fast for my camera.



Once I made it to Denver, I headed west on I-70.   Amazing, huh?



The second tunnel I went through.   I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that crooked, but when I’m driving and taking pictures……well let’s just leave it at that.



Temperatures were nice but when you climb up in these mountains…..


Despite my multi-tasking, I made it safely to Vail.

Tomorrow – Doctor’s appointments and more sights of Vail.

One step at a time,






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