Lots of Snow, Just a Few Words

Well it wasn’t a false alarm.  The snow just kept falling hour after hour.



We ended up with a little over a foot.  Then there are the drifts…..



It’s quite an ordeal now to take Jake outside.  Neither of us  can get our casts wet, so it takes plastic bags and big rubber bands for both.


As you can see, Jake’s bag is barely high enough.


When Luna got back inside she could shake most of it off except for her nose.





Meanwhile, back in the warm house, Murray had a new toy.



It was a tight fit.



He decided he would stay close and just watch it for a while.



It was actually quite cozy sitting on the couch watching the snow fall and catching up on my recorded shows.  Occasionally Jack would encourage me to get off the computer.



And now whats cuter than ending with a baby and a puppy?



Have  good Friday.

One step at a time,



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