Make this a Good Day!

Saturday night and I’m watching episodes of ‘The Killing’ on Netflix.  It was a quiet day of cleaning and laundry.  Where’s the excitement?

Can you believe this little guy is a month old !!  He just makes me smile.


I saw a flash outside my window today.  There was a family of deer – about 5 of them – grazing.  But there was one little fawn running laps around them.  He was so quick – this is what I got the first time:

Then I tried numerous times to get a video.  Why is it so hard  for me to focus in when I’m recording?  I will give the best of the 3.  If you can hang in there and not get nauseous ……


My snack tonight is soooo boring – baby carrots.  But the dogs line up for them!


I’m really trying to find a non-carb snack that will get me through these evenings!  Help, anyone?



Another way I break up the evening is having a stare-down with Gus.  He takes this competition very seriously.

And now since you are probably reading this on Sunday with a cup of coffee, here are a bunch  pictures to make you smile.

This is not Gus but I would have sworn it was!

Straight to my heart:




Some radio dog therapy:


He probably deserved it.


I’ve seen this look before…..


Yep, that’s a cat for you:


Now go out and have a great Sunday.  It’s up to you to make it great.

One step at a time,


3 thoughts on “Make this a Good Day!

  1. Love having my coffee with you.

    Hope you have a great Sunday and a wonderful week,, Your baby is precious!!


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