Making the last Maui Days Memorable

We went for another  trip to our favorite beach.   We went early (7:45 am) so we could get a parking spot close enough that we didn’t have strokes carrying our ‘gear’ to the beach.   Then we grabbed breakfast at one of our new favorite  restaurants – The Seahouse.  Marcia and I had this pancake creation that was baked and had pineapple and cinnamon – heavenly.

The water was super rough even though the weather was beautiful.   My view from my beach towel.


There was a discussion nearby on how to properly dig a hole.


Haven’t you ever wondered where Santa vacations after Christmas.  Now we know.  Maui.


While on the beach, I saw a women standing on the edge of the water with fins and snorkel.  Just looking out at the other members of her group who had gone out snorkeling.  After almost 10 minutes, I joined her sitting on a rock.   Sandra was from Melbourne Australia and I could have listened to her talk all day.  Turns out she was not feeling well and also was a little nervous about going into such rough surf.  We had a wonderful chat and my only regret is that when we parted, I didn’t ask for an email address or some way to keep in touch.



And that night I found everyone gathers at the beach to see the sun set.

Some of this was enjoyed….



Monday morning – our last morning in Maui – I woke up to see that Romeo (our very own guardian pigeon)  was keeping the perimeter of our place safe.


I decided to have my last walk be on the beach.  So, coffee in hand I headed out.

The beach in front of the resort is very steep and the sand is very deep.  It makes the trekking difficult.  This zoom makes me look like a liar.


The surfers and paddle boarders are out early, too.


I noticed at the end of this beach another person was enjoying his coffee and newspaper .  Now that is a habit I could definitely enjoy..

I found the perfect rock seat to sit and gather my thoughts and stare at the ocean.  Cup holder included.


Then I decided to get artistic with my photography.  You must endure…..

and finally….


After a very relaxing day reading and sunbathing, it was time to pack.  We had to be at the airport around 8:30 pm to catch our “red-eye” flight.  But first we were treated by my sister and husband,  to a fabulous supper at MaLa.  Sitting outside, it was the perfect temperature and we could see the sailboats.


It took me a while to decide ….

I decided!   Ahi Bolognese Pasta.


Then off we flew from sand to snow.  Or maybe from daydreams back to reality.

One step at a time,



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