Memories in Montana

Red Lodge, Montana.  I was going through some of my older photos and wanted to show you Red Lodge, Montana.  This was our second year up there for a weekend before Christmas, so I guess it is officially a new tradition.  Red Lodge is about a 3 hour drive north-west of here.


I love all the shops and galleries.  We stay at an old Hotel called The Pollard.  Buffalo Bill Cody and Calamity Jane stayed there ,but I’m pretty sure that was before we were there.


They say it is haunted (which makes it so much more fun) on the third floor by a lady in a yellow dress.  We stayed on the 3rd floor!


I went out in the middle of the night to see if I could find her.


I was really wishing I had one of those around-the-corner periscope kind of cameras.  All I found was Patient Husband (although I’ll admit, he made me jump back just a little).



They had a wonderful area with a fireplace.  You don’t have to go far or for a long time to have great adventures and good memories.


I’m guessing the crime rate is low…..this is the Police Department.


Now back to present day.  What a crappy, rainy, day today.  When I don’t do a workout, I like to look for motivational thoughts like this.


and this.


or something cute like this:



Did you know that working on balance is as important as cardio and strength training?  I have a DVD that incorporates balance exercises in with the others.  I can really see an improvement when I do it routinely.  If I don’t – not so much.



Have a great day and keep moving any way you can.



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  1. We are on our own adventure…in cannon beach for a few days..and guess what ? It’s raining here too….surprising huh?? Had a great dinner in a little Irish pub, that Is a coffee shop in the morning…..only in Oregon! Love all your videos…can’t imagine how much time it takes to find them, so glad to hear my 12 minute mile counts!

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