Minnesota Miles

Hi There!  I have been out of town for work.  I left the cold, snowy Wyoming weather to go to the warm weather of ……..Minnesota.  Surprisingly, I haven’t seen any snow and the weather was actually very nice.  Although we covered quite a bit of territory, there was no time for sightseeing on this trip.  I saw lots of lakes and lots of trees.

Of course Minnesota is known for its’ lakes.  But after hearing  about the massive amounts of ticks, black flies, mosquitoes, and others, I found no strong desire to vacation here!


I am now in a very nice hotel room – a suite – near the Minneapolis airport.  I have been ‘through’ this airport many times but have never been out and about.   Guess what’s across the street…..

No, not a guy in tan shorts.   The Mall of America!!    Not only did we have to see this, but we were starving and needed food.

We settled on Piada Italian Street Food, mostly because the word Italian always catches my eye.  But Street food?  Well I found it delicious.  I had something called a Turkey Pesto Tasca.

In case you’ve never heard of this mall, it’s the largest mall in the U.S.

There is an entire adventureland in the middle!

And in this picture you can’t see the farris wheel or the carousel!

There were no purchases made today, I did drool over some new laptops however.


But –


I will be flying home Saturday.  I’m thinking along with Patient Husband, there will be some happy pups.


One step at a time,




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