Miscellaneous Monday

I think I’ll dedicate today to my animals because they bring me a lot of happiness and laughter.  Before today’s 70º  temps, Gus and Jake had a ball rolling and playing in the last bit of snow.


Murray the cat and Luna prefer to stay above, keep their feet dry, and look out over their territory.



But after 2 days of beautiful weather, we  see a sure sign of spring:



Our parties are not BYOB, they are BYOMB.  (Bring your own muck boots).


We decided to start our spring cleaning in the barn.  We opened all the doors wide open to let the sunshine in.  The puppies love exploring.



And tentatively met Jill, the barn cat.



Had to run into town for a minute:



A trip to the park was perfect for this nice day.  Some lessons on how to walk on a leash….Jake did very well, Luna was a little, somewhat,   extremely resistant.  But the backward flips and somersaults were truly amazing.



When our work is done, Jack says this is the best place to relax:



Once we all get back inside, Gus patiently waits until he can retrieve (steal) his bone from Jake.






When I call “time for bed”, the puppies try to convince me not to put them in their cage.


It doesn’t work.


Now, since I’m unofficially your Wyoming weather forecaster, here is what is in store for us tonight and tomorrow:

Severe Weather

Sheridan Foothills Severe Watches & Warnings
… High wind watch in effect from Tuesday morning through Tuesday

* Residential hazards… unsecured objects including lawn furniture
and trampolines can be blown away and become airborne debris.
Construction work in progress must be secured.

****** Wind speeds… gusts of 60 to 70 mph expected.*****


So all we could do was batten down the hatches.  Huh?  I don’t even have any hatches.  Actually living here, we don’t have anything outside that could blow around and certainly not a trampoline.  trampoline

So think of me hanging on and hopefully I’ll be here typing away tomorrow!






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