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I watched it snow all day today – just a non-stop powder.  I would guess 3″ or so by this evening.


It made me think how different a snowy day can be under different circumstances.  I used to dread it – for several reasons.  I never knew what to wear to work,  of course I’d worry about road conditions, and being in law enforcement it meant the day would definitely be filled with problems.


And then those who enjoy all the winter sports – the more snow the better!  And now, knowing there is no place I have to go, I can look out the windows and enjoy the beauty.  Each day is truly what we make it, isn’t it?

Fedex came up the driveway today.  I love receiving packages!


This was a new treat for the cats.  And miraculously Murray loved it right away!  Here’s a little slo-mo

I did another inside activity today – floorwork with ShaunT.  I’ve been nervous about running outside and possibly slipping.  I feel guilty for not running though. I did one positive running thing today.  I registered for a half marathon this summer.  Thr e Timpanogos half marathon.  It is in Utah on July 30th.  Its not flat this time – its downhill in a canyon!  We are planning a short driving vacation around it because Utah is so beautiful.


I’m also looking at the Newport Oregon one too, but still trying to get a feel for training with this arm…..

For any of you who find it hard to know what to wear when you head outside to run, I have always added 15º to the current temperature and then wear what you would comfortably wear at that temperature.  Or here is a  chart  to help you plan.

Above 60º:  Shorts and t-shirt
50s:               Shorts and long sleeve shirt
40s:               Shorts or light tights, half-zip long sleeve shirt.  Add a light shell if windy.30s:               Technical underwear (since when did underwear get technical?), tights,
half-zip  top, vest, gloves, thin hat or headband
20s:               Same as above but wear a jacket instead of the vest
1º-19º:         Windproof underwear, heavier tights, half-zip top, insulated jacket, gloves, hat,
face mask. (I got a balaclava for Christmas and love it for those really cold runs)
Below 0:     Same as above, adding a wind-proof shell and thick socks

Most people actually dress too warmly when they run.  It only takes about a half mile to warm up.  I found this out very quickly.  I now know that if I feel comfortable when I step outside – I’ve got too much on.

Ok time for the cute pic of the night




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