Mixing it up on Monday

Monday morning started with pancakes.  Does it get any better?  You have got to try these:


They have the most awesome flavor.  Even if you don’t like sweet potatoes, you’ll like these.   Oh and PH put blueberries in mine.   Heaven.

It was a very rainy day.  Pouring most of the time.  I ran out in it to let the horses out – but they weren’t even too anxious.  Then since I was already outside and had on my muck boots, I threw some grass seed out in the yard.  Why not?  Maybe the rain will act on it before the magpies do.

Stuck inside today so I did some much hated  needed cleaning.  We have tile planking on the floors and the only way I know to clean thoroughly (including the grout) is the old hands-and-knees approach.  Ugh.  But I got a section done and will work on it more tomorrow.

I tried the new apple snacks.  They are really good and are sweet.  My only complaint is they make me very thirsty.  Weird I know – they are not salty  – so no explanation.


Here’s an update on reading material.  I just started reading “Memory Man” by David Baldacci.  I’m at the very beginning but has caught my interest very quickly.  The audio book I am listening to is “The Prettiest One” by James Hankins.  This one is another exciting one.  It makes me want to run so I can continue listening.  I have been very lucky since starting  Audible.  All four books have been good.  Of course I think a good narrator is the most important, so I always check for that in the reviews.

My sister has recommended Lisa Gardner’s “Find Her”.  She and I love all Gardner’s books and so I can’t wait to start that one too.

Jack and Jill’s favorite spot on a rainy day.


I’ve been re-arranging my training schedule because I work Friday and Saturday and leave at 4 a.m. on Sunday for my flight to Virginia.  It looks like my next long run (10 miles I hope) will have to be Thursday.  Now if I could just arrange the weather, too.


Ever had a day when you  just can’t quite get it?


Hope your Monday was good and look its already Tuesday.  So walk a little faster today.




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