Monday miles

I started my day with a 5 a.m. alarm.  I was determined to run this morning or maybe I just wanted to use my new Christmas gifts!  The temperature ranged from 2º to a moderate 7º so I was able to really put the gear to a good test.

My shoes are Brooks Ravenna 6.  I have two pairs in different colors and I switch them out.  Love them.


My running tights are SugoiPros:  They are lined with a light layer of very soft fleece; super comfortable; the ankles have a good gripping elastic.  Cons:  Although they say they have ‘wind panels’ my thighs still got cold.  (But remember I didn’t wear any layers underneath and it was single digits)


My base layer shirt was a Smartwool ShirtPros:  Super soft, super warm.  No Cons.



My new Christmas Jacket (compliments of Patient Husband) is a North Face Isotherm Jacket.  Pro:  Very lightweight (so I was very surprised how warm it was), the interior of the collar is very soft on my neck;  Lots of reflective stripes (thats why I included the shot I took with a flash).  Cons:  None, so far.




And finally I wore gloves and a Balaclava.  Another new piece of gear:  Knucklelights!  They are great flashlights that are on an elastic band.  You don’t have to grip them and they are bright!


I have to admit as I ran in the dark and the very cold, I felt pretty badass!

Lets not forget food on this cold day.  Chicken Chili and cornbread.  And for dessert my son made No-bake cookies.  Completely addicting.


Stay warm!



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