Monday Moanings

I woke this morning and the little nagging running nose I’ve had turned into a full blown “I feel like I’m going to die” cold.  But I guess to be more accurate,  I’ll say I was feeling “Under the Weather”.  That brings up a good question.  Under the Weather?  Where did that come from.  Well I looked it up for you:

Interesting fact

Not surprisingly, the origin of the idiom ‘under the weather’ can be traced back to maritime sources. In the old days, sailors who weren’t feeling well were often sent below deck, so they could get out of the weather. The term we use today has been shortened though; originally, the idiom was ‘under the weather bow’ which is the side of ship from which the bad weather is coming.

This is Jack hiding when he heard me coughing, sneezing, sniffing, etc.


But because I am only 13 days from my Key West 1/2 marathon, I got on the treadmill.  Off at 2 miles before my head burst.  What a mess that would have been.

Today it got over 50º !!   Last week single digits – today 50.  So I sat outside with all the pets and eventually brushed 2 pillows worth of hair off of Blind Moose.


I was excited when I got the mail today.  I received ‘The Dumb Runner Training Journal’ by Mark Remy.  If you haven’t read his blog or books, you are really missing out on a lot of good laughs.   So I can start logging my miles and my thoughts about those miles each day as well as a good laugh.


Well off to bed with a box of tissues, I’ve got a long run scheduled tomorrow. (Don’t tell Patient Husband – he won’t be happy)


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