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I took a rest day from running today and instead did some things around the house in preparation for Christmas.  I have my son and his wife arriving on Christmas Eve and I am very excited.  I did do a road check today and decided tomorrow will be an outdoor run – yay!


So that got me thinking of my winter running gear.  My favorite pair of tights are by Brooks.  They are called Utopia Thermal.  My socks – if I’m not wearing compression are always Balega. They have a ‘blister resist’ and I have never gotten a blister yet.

Balega Sock Products


I also have several Nike Pro-warm tops that I use as a base layer.

Nike Pro Warm Half-Zip 3.0 Women's Training Top

Here is an article about cold weather running from “Minneapolis Running”  I thought you’d like:


According to the Mayo Clinic, Hypothermia occurs when you are unable to create enough heat to compensate for the cold. Hypothermia has been shown to occur not only when it’s super cold, but also when it’s windy and wet. Our body temperature is normally around 98.6 F (37 C). Hypothermia begins at just 95 F (35 C). This is when bad things start to happen. As your core temperature drops, your heart, nervous system and other organs can’t work normally.


On the flip side, HyPERthermia is also something to think about in the winter. If you’re overly worried about heat, and overdress on a 40 degree day, you could be at risk. You can always remove layers, but the key is dressing right in the first place.

“Dress like its 20 degrees warmer than it really is due to the heat your body will generate.” and “wear a winter running jacket with a full zipper so you can vent if needed.”


I often feel like I am constantly dehydrated in the winter. My throat and hands are always cracked and dry. The air is much dryer due to the cold and indoor heating. To make matters worse, since I don’t sweat as much during the day, I don’t drink as much.

…sweating can remain the same but you will lose moisture via your breath.  Think of how dry the atmosphere is in the Winter months; that affects us internally as well. Skin is our largest organ so keep it hydrated from the inside out.

Clothing Issues

We certainly have no shortage of articles about winter running gear on the site. We all know that wearing the right gear makes everything feel a lot better. Here are a few quick tips.

  • Layer up!  Closest to skin will wick sweat away and keep you dry(er)
  • Cover your neck, head & ears; not just a visor
  • Wear gloves. Very light gloves will do a lot of good
  • Cover the toes of your shoes with duct tape to keep cold air & snow/water out
  • NO COTTON!  Sweat will get cold and make you colder
  • Wind can easily blow right through fleece and other tech fabrics. Wear a wind resistant yet breathable shell.

The adage that, “you get what you pay for” is so true of winter running gear. A good winter running kit will run you a few hundred bucks, but spread out over a few years, totally worth it.

Stay Visible

This is always a good idea for runners, but especially important in the winter when there seems to be virtually no daylight! Don reminds us that,

Bright colored clothing is not the same as high viz. Wear reflective gear from head to toe!

Sure Footing is Everything

If you want to spent your winter actually running (as opposed to just shuffling over the ice), focus on your feet.

Trail shoes are also a great option, but won’t do much good vs ice.

Run With Your Phone

It can be annoying to run with your phone, but if you get lost, it may save your life. To keep it warm (so the battery won’t die) try wrapping it in a sock and placing it near the center of your body. Most winter running jackets have internal pockets for this exactly reason.

Have you ever used Yak Trax?

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