Monday’s Wrap up

I’m sorry to those people who subscribe to my blogs and had to read them twice!  The other night, I suddenly realized that someone who always comments on my FB post hadn’t done that in a while.  When I checked I found that at least 4 of my blogs had only gone to my subscribers and not to Facebook.   So therefore, I went back through and put them on.

Any easy way for you to not miss any of my blogs would be to subscribe to them through email!    But I promise to check carefully from now on.

I had a nice weekend with several days of snow melt-off.  The pastures are almost totally clear of snow and all we have are the original snowbanks.    I knew we had a forecast of a couple of inches of snowfall for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then I checked the update today.    From Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning – 4-8 inches with a high of 16º.   I used to think that was too cold to snow?!   Then on Wednesday another 1-3 inches with a high of — are you ready?   5º     OK enough weather talk already.  I know many of you are getting the same or worse.

I did rent two movies this weekend – very different themes.  I watched Magnificent Seven

and I really enjoyed.  Of course there were so many good actors in it like Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke.  How can you go wrong with horses and cowboys?

Then I watched Snowden.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this movie.  But it was very well done and very interesting.

Since I was told it was too soon to try any ShawnT Insanity workouts by my Physical Therapist, I decided to do some limited exercise.  My hands are finally strong enough for me to do push-ups.  I was beginning to wonder if they would ever be.  But I am doing a minimum of 10 pushups every day.   I have to do them when the dogs are in another room or at least asleep.  Every time I get on the floor I have 3 dogs around me, stepping on my hair and biting my head.  Why can’t they get with the program?

I actually feel these in my arms, core and butt.  I hope that means I’m doing them right!

Then some tricep work.  I started doing 20 of these at each commercial at night.  Now I’m doing 30 because I want to have it feel like I can barely complete them.

I usually wear my shirt, but apparently that’s optional……

The workouts in Physical Therapy have really worked my legs and hips.  Lots of resistance work with bands.


and lots of balancing because


While spreading out a quilt, Murray decided to get involved.

He had lots of fun with me and Jack.



I’ll be up early Tuesday.  I need to hit the lab for some bloodwork before I go to physical therapy.

Hope your week is off to a good start.

One step at a time.


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