More about the Dueling Doodle Dogs

I have had so much fun with these two puppies!  I have laughed  watching them running and jumping on each other, chasing each other around the furniture, slipping and sliding across the room on our tile floors.  Meanwhile Gus is really not sure how to react.  Several times when he walks around he has a puppy nipping at each back leg.


I know this is hard to believe but we are really making progress on their housetraining!  At first they would just whimper when they had to go and we’d race to put them out.   Now if they have an accident,  its right at the door!  They are incredibly smart.   Oh and I tried putting a ‘puppy pad’ at the door, but that was taken by both of them across the room and shredded.  Guess that won’t work.


We’ve been taking them in the car for long rides to get them used to it.  They have to be good car riders in this family.   Today they started crying a little, so I climbed in the back with them.  Gus was happy to oblige by switching seats.



How do you resist these eyes of Luna?


Jake got pretty comfortable and likes me back there with him.




When we stopped to stretch our legs, they were very happy.



I think someone must have mentioned food.



After finishing all our chores, we decided to treat our selves to a movie downtown.  Apparently NO one had the same idea….



I’m not sure if this was in my honor for National Women’s Day, but we had the whole theater to ourselves – a private showing.



And now lets all take a moment to be thankful for all our blessings.




Have a great day.






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