More Powerful than an Iphone 6

Well I did it folks.  I got up this morning and went for my long run – a little over 10 miles.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it really was “I got up and went for a run”?  Nope.  We look at the temperature – 9º.  Then we check to see if we have a fever – nope.  Then the layering begins.  Long underwear-type tights, then the running tights (yea those $120 ones that will keep you warm), the socks and shoes, running bra and Under Armour base layer, then the jacket.  Gotta pull the hair back and put some reflective bands on my ankles;   I put my earphones on and decided on a balaclava face mask.  Then of course back to the bathroom – just in case.  Tissues in the pocket.  Set up my music on the iphone as well as the “Map my Run” program I use.  Gloves.  I already feel like the kids when you bundle them up like snowmen.


Off I go.  Three miles down the road, my music cuts out.  WHAT???  I pull out my phone – 1% charge and then shuddered (well not really) and died.  My phone was charged all night!  Well there’s no turning back now; I’m going to have to run like the hard-core REAL runners.  Hmm what will I think about??  There are two races that come to mind – my best was Newport Oregon; the hardest was Raleigh, NC.  (I’ve only run 3 so far so its not like I have lists and lists to go through).  Both races I had music to listen to.  But when I was running Newport, I actually zoned out.  I don’t remember some of it.  At one point my daughter passed me going the other direction and actually put her hand in front of my face or I would never have seen her.   Oh if I only could get that way every time!  In Raleigh, I noticed that when I was struggling with the hills and very tired the last two miles that I couldn’t stop thinking about my breathing, my legs, my hips, my desire to lay down and die.


After reading some of the book ‘The Runner’s Brain’, I have learned that your thoughts are VERY important to your running.  So I put it to use today or at least I tried.  Some of the things I thought about was what I could write to you about in this blog, I also thought about if I won the next Powerball.  I started at the beginning and went step by step (should we tell anyone – or try to keep it quiet), who would we hire to manage it, how much $$ to each family member, and on and on.    I found that all this made the miles go by much better than listening to my heavy breathing.

When I reached my 10 mile point  which is a convenience store, I was sure I could then call Patient Husband to retrieve me.  It was closed.  Now my thoughts went from Powerball winnings, jets, and multiple homes to how I would appear when I was finally discovered by a passerby’s dog…….



I turned back and started towards home.  But, alas, Patient Husband in shining armour (his car) found me.  He apparently is very intuitive too.  By that point, even my eyes were freezing.  Oh and did I tell you I had NO MUSIC!!!

Back home and onto google.  Guess what?  Iphones don’t handle the cold.  Seriously?  Below freezing and boy was I way below freezing, the battery loses power and if you try to use the phone it shuts off.  Do they make subzero iphones?

Note to self.  My race will be approximately 70º warmer than today.  🙂


I hope you all are warm and safe in your homes tonight.

Running Ragged,


Do you take special precautions in the cold weather?

What do you think about when you are out running?

Do you need music when running?

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