More Sights and Sounds of Oregon

I have lots of pictures of additional things I saw while exploring the Oregon valley.  Just a neat truck covered in vines.


Acres and acres of gold.


Some unusual (to me) outdoor home decor.    A 10 foot black crow.


Someone apparently likes BLUE



This is called “The Vintage Trailer Resort”.  They have all the classic trailers here.  You can pick your favorite and stay the night!  Note the bicycles they provide, too.

Some vineyards

If you don’t own a vineyard, just let it grow along your house….


When the sun came out, I saw the second double rainbow in a week!   Someone is watching over me.  🙂


We stopped in Corvallis for coffee at this unique place called Coffee and Beer.  A coffee shop and bar combo.


Saturday night we decided to stay in Corvallis.  PH decided that hotel prices were ridiculous and booked us at a locally owned motel.  When we pulled into the lot, the yellow crime scene tape along the upstairs balcony got my attention.  “Oh that railing needs to be fixed, so we put that tape up there so people won’t lean on it.”     He reassured us that it was not a crime scene and gave us a 1st floor room.

This was our view.

Thank goodness it gave me a fit of giggling….

Needless to say, we didn’t get a lot of sleep……

We headed back up north to the McMinnville area on Sunday.  It seems to be drawing us back….    More exploration tomorrow.


One step at a time,







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