More Snow, More Treadmill

Another cold snowy day in the single digits.  How am I going to be ready for a 1/2 marathon in just a couple of weeks???  I ran 4 miles on the treadmill but I just don’t feel like its the same training.

So after the treadmill, it was a sweatpants/movie-watching kind of day.  Maybe its time to introduce you to the 4-legged family members.  This is Gus who likes to let Murray eat his food.  Or it could be that Murray’s claws rule.


Then there is the other dog –  Moose.  Moose is blind but he still likes to cuddle with Jack.


We have 3 horses.  Banjo, the chestnut; Kazmir the grey; and Durango the palomino.  There is nothing more peaceful than spending time with them.


Banjo helps with the barn chores


So now you see why my house is my castle like an animal shelter!

I hope to head outside again tomorrow.   I hope you are having happy running times.

Running Ragged


Have you ever run a race after training on a treadmill?                                                                       Do you have lots of pets?


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