More Travels in Montana

Our first full day in Montana started early (do I say that about every day? )  I really thought we’d sleep in but we were excited about exploring.  One interesting note.  Our bedroom was up in a loft-like area that was up a steep set of stairs.  None of the dogs know how to climb steps and slept downstairs without a peep!

OK does this look like a postcard or what?


We also saw lots of hayfields which you may know are a favorite subject of mine for many pictures.  Luckily, (for you) I will not subject you to those.  But we did see many of these.


Now I will say that this was in quite the state of disrepair, but we kept seeing them and wondering what they could possibly be.  My idea of a hay bale slingshot was not accepted by Patient Husband, but personally I think it would be great.

Later, when I had access to google (my sister’s call me the google queen and I am proud to carry that title) I found out it is called a Beaverslide.  It is used to make huge stacks of loose hay.   A slingshot is way better.

It was in the 90s each day, so its not surprising to see her taking a little dip.



We went past several lakes and stopped at Holland Lake which had lots of hiking trails and more importantly easy access for the dogs.


It was so beautiful I have to show you more pictures.


And the water was beyond clear.


It was difficult to get Gus OUT of the water.



more pretty things….



We had an incredible time.  We hope to go back and maybe take our horses!


Have a wonderful Sunday.  You deserve it.




2 thoughts on “More Travels in Montana

  1. Gorgeous!!! Great photos! Did you do all those on your phone? Good choice of vacation spots, Ron!! year take the horses!

    1. We actually got a new camera. Small and easy to take along. Its a Canon SX720hs. Photos are great and the zoom is amazing (40x). I have a video for tonights blog that I took with this camera too. I’m not even a Canon salesperson!

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