Movies, Moons and More

Well we had a very unusual occurrence here.  We saw two movies in just a matter of days!   And a late show, at that.  How adventurous of us.    We ventured out on Monday night to see “The Accountant”.

I was trying to show that the theater was empty and also got a great advertisement for you!



The movie was very good and exciting.  Then we saw this awesome moon!  I guess a Harvest Moon or around here they call it the Hunter’s Moon.  I have to give PH credit for this photography.



After my physical therapy appointment, I noticed what looked like a stitch still in one of the incision scars.   PH approached with a lighter, a knitting needle (well that’s what it looked like to me) and tweezers.  After some  screaming, digging and scraping and intense pain    slight grimacing, we recovered this:


Please note the enormous size of the stitch as well as the amount of blood loss.  I’ll be ok.


Then I felt that a trip to the dentist was necessary:



PH really needs to keep those eyebrows under control.

and maybe stay out of the sun ……


Today I was very lazy.  No, I was saving energy for tomorrow.  Yea, that’s it.  Because now tomorrow I must do two days’ worth of work.  Starting with snow fence.  Maybe I’ll be lucky and we’ll have a severe rainstorm……


This is how I feel when I eat.  Don’t you take any of my food!


Lets get moving and get those things done that we have been meaning to do.  You know what they are…..

One step at a time,


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