My Babies Need a New Pair of Shoes!

Today started with an early morning appointment so I did my 2 miles later on – on the treadmill.  Luckily 2 miles on the treadmill goes pretty quickly now.

Today was also the time for Adam, our Farrier, to put shoes on the horses.  Yay, our trailriding season can begin!


We took some of the time to clean the corrals, change out some water buckets, etc.


I also worked on getting their winter coats brushed off.   I could have stuffed several pillows!


My son, Nick, and his wife just added two lambs to their family.  Now they have chickens, ducks, dog, cat, and two lambs.   I don’t know where they get this behavior from??????


We haven’t had any miscellaneous trivia recently.  How about this:

Trivia of the Day for Thursday

1.)   Two of three Americans have hemorrhoids.

2.)   An ant has five noses.

Now don’t you feel better just knowing that helpful info?


We better have something cute now:


Have a great day.  The weekend is getting closer!



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