My On-line Orders Have Arrived!

My schedule said 2 miles today – it seems silly to just go out for 2 miles but I am trying to stick to the plan, so 2 miles it was. At least I did them at an 8:35 pace.


It was so beautiful out, we decided to get the motorcycles out, clean them up a bit and go for a ride.  We had an appointment and then ran a couple of errands in town as well as stopping for a cup of coffee.  It was a very nice day.

Just when I think I can’t get any more cute pictures of the Doodles, they do something like this.  Check out their feet….



I had lots of things arrive in the mail today.  Very exciting.  The first thing I am in love with.  I know you will be too!



Well?   Its awesome, isn’t it???   It’s  tech fabric and super lightweight.  Can’t wait to wear it.

The next item:


Have you heard of these?  They are for attaching your race bib to your shirt instead of using safety pins.  Super strong magnets.    And I was pretty excited about the polka-dots.  The instructions say Do not wait until race day to try these, so I am guessing it might take a little time to figure them out.  I’ll save that for another blog!





See, not everything I order is for running.  I haven’t had a pair of these in a couple of years.  I bought a cheap pair once and they eventually burned up, so these should work great.  Note:  the free DVD.    No clipping without directions.



Hey it’s hump day, right?  Have fun and keep moving,





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