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Round 2 of San Francisco began on Friday  with traffic.  How do you people stand it??  Everywhere is bumper to bumper at 70 mph.  But sometimes you get lo-o-o-ng breaks where you are at a standstill but people honk their horns anyway.  (I sound like someone from Wyoming).

This is not a parking lot.  This is traffic.



Our first destination was Lombard Street. This made me feel like I was in Europe somewhere. It is so crazy, people just stand and watch the cars going down. Its only one block long but in that one block are 8 hairpin turns. Very fun!  Ignore the crazy person in the rear view mirror.


Then we headed to Ghirardelli Square where we found a parking spot right.there. The weather was much better than Thursday (though still very windy) and I could have stayed there all day sitting on a bench watching the boats, the people and the swimmers. There were swimmers – crazy.



PH ‘s back finally reacted to the bed we had been sleeping on and between him hunched over and me hobbling around, we looked like an old couple. Oh wait, we ARE an old couple.

Of course the fire hydrants look like this….

IMG_0040 IMG_0042

Of course the cable cars are always fun to see.



There was a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge from here. Then it was gone – covered in clouds. We are gong to cross it when we go back on Monday.



I sat for a portrait. Way too long to stare at a tree and not move my face. The artist had amazing sketches of Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson. Me? Not so much. Well he got my eyes right but I think he gave me Jillian Michaels mouth. Which, of course, looks great on her but pretty strange on me.



Time for lunch.  I had a very yummy salad with clam chowder in a bread bowl lunch.




We had a brownie/ice cream dessert at Ghiradelli’s because it’s the law there.
(California has some weird laws)

I tried to take pictures to give you an idea of these steep roads.


More typical San Francisco sights:



The night was topped off with a baseball game. SF Giants and Baltimore Orioles so all fans were in orange.


I had my first hot pretzel in maybe 100 years. Well worth waiting for. The stadium is really beautiful and we had great seats between home and 1st base. Lots of fun.



When we were outside the park before the game, I saw a man arrive on a skateboard  wearing a long shirt, different socks and a clown nose.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.


But when that same man starts making balloon animals?  Grab your children and run!



We will be spending Saturday and Sunday at Chez Moorehead. Our neighbors very generously offered to let us use their house while we are here.  So more California adventures in your future!



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