My Thoughts on Running and Racing

Outside today, the smell of smoke was incredibly strong.  All around us it was smokey.


Can you believe this is coming from the Canada fires?  I just couldn’t imagine that it was possible, until I heard it on the news.  There I go believing what I hear on the news!

I’ve been thinking a lot about running and speed.  Of course the sport of running is all about speed.  But what about those of us who just like to run and are not fast?  Should we just become walkers?  Why are we running 1/2 marathons and marathons if there is no way we can win?  Whenever I schedule a 1/2 marathon, I follow a training schedule because I want to be ready for the race as much as I can.  Most, or maybe I should say all, training requires speed work.    But I don’t do it.  I run as well as I can and as far as I can and I do add in hill work because I don’t want to make the mistake again of not being ready for hills.

Am I just using my age and my lack of ‘desire to be fast’ as an excuse or reason to be lazy in my training?  Well I do consider my age.  Starting to run 1/2 marathons at 59 can pretty much guarantee you are not going to beat those younsters out there (I laughed when I typed that because only old people use the term youngsters).   But I don’t want to hate my runs.  I want to feel good and enjoy it and if I run a little faster one day – hurray!

I truly run for myself.  To challenge myself on finishing 13.1 miles.  I am not pushing myself to outrun anyone.  Do I want to get better times?  Sure.  But that is my own personal accomplishment.  I will admit I look at the others in my ‘age division’ and am proud I’m not last and have actually done well compared to the others.

So don’t ever give up running or decide not to even start because you are not fast.  To have that great feeling when you complete a mile without stopping is awesome.  Each mile after that is just as great.  You never have to enter a single race to be proud of yourself.

You are getting healthier with each step.  Each time you go a little further, you will have a true sense of being a winner.

I wish we could get out there together.

So go out this weekend.  Start slowly – walking, then another day alternate walking and running.  Or just walk, inhale deeply,  take in your surroundings.  It can calm your mind, help you resolve issues or allow you to “let it all go”.   I have spent miles crying after my parents died, made mental lists of things I needed to accomplish, and even thought about absolutely nothing except how lucky I was to be out there running.

Let me know how it goes.  I’d love to share this with you.

Soooo, keep moving.




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