My Thoughts on Thursday

The wind blew hard all night long.  When the alarm went off at 5:15 and I heard the wind still blowing, I thought maybe I’d brave it and go.  But when I checked our magic weather station (I have no idea why I call it that) it said the wind was blowing anywhere from 19 to 22 MPH.  I’m not that brave.



Instead I waited until around 10 and drove into town to run one of the pathways.  Its a fairly hilly run but its good for me, right?  So I did my 5 miles.  My knee doesn’t hurt when I run but it is still stiff and tender to the touch and has an impressive multi-colored bruise.


Lots of fun today outside with the dogs.



They think that the water feature is their own personal water bowl.


I just love the view – with the road to nowhere out there in the distance.


Jack sits so close that he puts himself in as many photos as he can.


Then it was bath time.  They actually behave really well in the tub – but oh so crazy when they get out!



I came across this story,  Running with the Amish,  and whether or not you are a runner I think you will enjoy it.

I found this picture of me.  I think it proves I was meant to be a cop and a cowgirl.


Luckily I learned to wear shirts soon after this.

Have a great Friday!




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