National Geographic and an Anatomy Lesson

So first let’s talk about running.  I have continued doing my workout app.  This is a walk, run, sprint combination 3 times a week.  Believe me it is exhausting when you are doing many sprints along with your normal running.  I got to do my last one outside which is a whole lot better than the treadmill.

After submitting x-rays, MRI and past surgical records for my hip to the surgeon up in Vail, Colorado I finally heard back.  We talked on the phone for about a 1/2 hour.  They told me that the ‘space’ in my hip joint is still good, so after talking to me we are thinking it may be  IT Band Syndrome.  So lets see what the internet says:

A painful condition in which connective tissue rubs against the thighbone.
Iliotibial band syndrome occurs when the connective tissue (ligament) extending from the pelvic bone to the shinbone becomes so tight that it rubs against the thighbone. Distance runners are especially susceptible to it.

See that big red spot on the side of the hip?   Yep that’s exactly it.   The good news?   Stretching and exercise is what I must do – not surgery.  YAY.  I was given several examples of what I need to do every day as well as ice massage.  Somehow “Ice Massage” does not sound pleasing.

After 4 weeks I will get back to the Dr.  If no improvement, we’ll advance to Plan B.  I am planning on this working.

Oh and the best news??  Running will NOT damage anything.  🙂

Enough about my aches and pains, now on to my wild life!

Ok, more like wildlife.  Once again the herd was right near my patio.  There were 4 bucks having a banquet.

Do you think he is asking for more flowers to be planted?


I know this wouldn’t win any awards – dark, lots of reflections, etc.  But the morning color seemed amazing.


As I drove to work facing the glaring sunrise,  I wanted to show you how careful one must be…   Do you see it?


Rather than the deer, these are Pronghorn Antelope.

And right across the street…


Then – trying to be a little more domesticated, I decided to make some homemade soup.

I sent the results to Patient Husband.


This is a video of the horses letting me know they are ready to eat.  Sorry about the audio (dogs whining)  I tried to mute it, but I couldn’t.  You can always mute your computer..

One Step at a time,



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