No coffee, no happy

I completed day 1 of Phase One to get my metabolism working.  I started on a program from “The Fast  Metabolism Diet” by Haylie Pomroy.   The theory behind it is that their are 5 components to your metabolism, liver, thyroid, etc. and that you must get these all working properly.  There is no wheat or sugar on this 28 day diet which won’t really bother me.  But no coffee.


You KNOW how I drink coffee every waking hour.  Yesterday and still so far today the headache is insane.  Also I realized its also a comfort thing to hold that hot mug.


Not only has research shown that coffee can help reduce physical pain (especially for you office drones wasting away at your computer), but it’s even been linked to happiness. Happiness! Is there really anything happier than a beautifully crafted cup of coffee?

I may break down and have some decaf but so far I’m trying to stick to every rule.  I’ll keep you updated….


There is something else I must have.   I’ve probably mentioned that I have a very hard time running without my music.  I just can’t relax and enjoy the run when I’m listening to my own heavy gasping breathing.


There is evidence that listening to music actually makes you run better and faster!


In a Scientific American article about music and exercise, it described listening to music while working out as “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug.” Basically, music serves as one of the easiest ways to boost performance during exercise, providing not just incentive for getting out there, but palpable benefits. Music increases endurance during routine physical activities, from running to relaxing during a cool-down. It’s a win-win all the way through the

But have you ever noticed that you never see those frontrunners wearing  headphones?  Elites are ineligible for prize money if they race with headphones!  WHAT??????

Since I have no plans – or ability – to be a front runner, I can continue to play my music to my hearts content.


An interesting sidenote.  The study showed that watching TV or a movie while on atreadmill did not enhance your run but in fact was actually bad for it.  My thoughts on that?  If the TV or a movie on your tablet is the only way you can motivate yourself on to the treadmill in the first place, then do it.  Something is better than nothing, right?

Whatever keeps us happy and moving…..



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